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Hand Forming – Tile Top Sinks


Tile Making
Our pug mill is used to prepare and size clay as required for any tile project.

The appropriate size clay plug is then rolled to thickness in our mechanical slab roller prior to being cut to a template which is typically 10% larger than the required fired dimension.

Following this basic process we make a range of standard sink top tiles as well as a wide variety of custom tiling which has included everything from fireplace facing to floor tiling.

Tiles can be made to any thickness and are sized as large as 25 inches square.

Pug Mill Pug Mill - Everything in the shop begins with one of our pug mills which use a vacuum pump to pull air from the clay as it is rendered smooth and lump free. Dies at the pug mill outlet size the extrusion which is then cut to length for the project at hand.
Tile Making Template Trim - Each of our sink tiles has a corresponding template with appropriate spacing for fixture holes and sink openings. Using this guide we strip the unneeded clay from the blank and then round the edges and add line detail to the face.
Turning Tile Turning Tile - After trimming and finishing each tile is turned onto drying boards. Attention is paid to drafts so each piece shrinks uniformly without warping or cracking. When dry the tiles are carefully transferred to the bisque kiln to begin the firing cycle.
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