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Satisfaction — Appreciation & Testimonials

Quality Products — Full Satisfaction — Customer Service

"I don't think I have ever enjoyed reading a website as much as I did yours. I was initially interested in your site having seen your ad in the New Yorker Magazine.

My sister has a soapstone business in Virginia and I am always on the lookout for products that will complement her soapstone. Once on your site, there is not one word that I did not read. Your work and your life are inspirational in an age of machines, factories and all too often, people who have forgotten or never learned to think.

I am amazed to find people like yourself who still believe in hard work, excellence in design and giving those few who still appreciate it, a product that stands out as a reflection of heart, hand and mind."

Bill O'Brien — San Francisco, CA

"I'm sure you won't remember us but long, long ago, sometime between 1975 and 1978, we bought two sinks from you, a blue rimmed one and a tile sink with a white edge and a gold bowl.  We installed both sinks in our house which we built in 1979.

Both are still as beautiful as they were when we bought them from you in your shop.  Now we must renovate another bathroom and have just ordered a tan rimmed sink from your on-line shop.
It is so great to know that you are still doing your wonderful work and that you have an adorable child.  In this world where things change so much and so fast it's nice to have something so good stay the same."
Pamela MC


"We arrived last week only to find you had left that morning for a retreat. We were very sad to have missed you, but we had a wonderful time picking out our sinks.

There was a matched pair that just suited us. They were so perfect, in fact, I think they were indeed fated to be ours. We are delighted and I can't wait to get them into place and start using them. The moment I walked into your store and workshop everything felt just right.

Your asthetic, the beautiful simplicity of your work--there is definitely an air of spirituality in each piece. This just captures what I am trying to create in our little house. It is not a grand house at all, but when we are done, I hope it will welcome, shelter, and inspire thought and laughter.

Thank you for making our sinks. We will try to catch you next year at work."

Ellen E

"I am absolutely in awe of how stunning my sink looks - the photos in your brochure and even the color samples pale in comparison to the actual product! I love the simplicity of your design and the richness of the coloration. I would not change a thing. Thank you for making such a fine product."

Eleanor B


"Your sinks are beautiful, perfectly sized, one of a kind and very well crafted. I am extremely pleased."

Souhad R


"I just wanted you to know that the sinks arrived safely the day after you shipped them. It is obvious you take great care in packing them well. They are beautiful,- and after some clever maneuvering they are in their intended cabinets.

When the plumber is finished with his job we will be all set! We are very happy with the sinks. I will be sure to direct anyone else who admires them to your website."

Mary Ellen


"The enclosed photos do not do justice to the beautiful sinks that you made for us and that we enjoy every day.

We could not be more pleased with the beauty, appearance and function of the sinks. Though our house is not yet conmplete, all of our guest have admired our sinks."

Bill P


"I have been admiring the sinks on your web site. They are gorgeous (the web site is nice too) and I was wondering if it would be possible to get a slightly smaller one for installation in a very small bathroom where a 16 inch sink just isn't an option.

I would like to install it on a slab of wood. Are the sinks compatible with that type of installation? Is there any other counter surface that you feel works particularly well with the sinks from an aesthetic standpoint?

I am also looking for 2 standard sized sinks and a counter for a larger bathroom and the photograph of the Hay Adams installation made me think of trying something similar.

Sorry to hit you with so many questions at once, but I was really taken by the sinks and want to explore all the possibilities."


"I finally found what I am looking for! I love these vessel sinks. I love the Black Red or the Black Tan in the rimmed sinks but would like a vessel.

Thanks for the info. This is wonderful!"

Y. K. — Mid Planes, WI

"Received confirmation on our purchase and it sounds like you've got everything in order. I'm sure it will be perfect.

We would love to have our sink installation on your web site. It would be a great feeling to have something from our home being shown, and it does not have to be anonymous. I will have the photo taken when everything is complete, and send you the negatives, disk, or scans - whichever you prefer.

Our cabinet maker (who is also building), has already been looking at your website.

I will certainly pass on your work to others, and explain to our friends who come to our home, where the sink was made and by who."


"Just wanted to let you know that my sink came today. It is beautiful!!! You were right, this color is the one for our room. I placed it against the marble floor today and it has exactly the same shades of gray and white as does the floor.Its also obvious that the quality and craftsmanship of the sink are superior — Many Thanks."

B. B.

"I must tell you, I have been searching everywhere, from Pennsylvania to Colorado, for Stoneware sinks and to no avail - UNTIL - by the power of the internet, there you were with the very sink that I imagined!

We own a log home and as young people do, settle for what's in the building budget. Now that we've aged a bit, and have our budget under control, out goes the simple, and in goes the sink I REALLY want.

I am so glad I found your web site. Now I can relax on those journeys out west and not wonder where I will find my mind's eye sink. I'm on a roll with the rest of the house too. There's just no pleasing a woman!"


"Beautiful! Wonderful! Just what we wanted. The sinks arrived while I was out of town thus my tardy reply. Installation will be awhile as we are our own plumbers. I will send pictures when finished.

Thank you and please put us on your satisfied customer list."

R. W. B.

"The installation looks terrific as you can tell by attached photos. We are waiting on a countertop for the blue sink and then I'll get you photos of that. I am glad the iron red fell into place on decorating — etc. I think it turned out great - it was meant to be."

Yvette K


"Thanks for your quick response. We are thrilled to have found your web site. We are homeowners re-doing our master bath and our work is beautiful! Thank you."

Terry & Kathy B


"Thank you very much for answering all of my questions. My husband and I are impressed with your business and all that you do.

Your sinks sound just perfect for my needs, and I would love to buy them from you. I like to support people that are well organized, honest and willing to work.

Unfortunately, our budget just won't allow for that much money to be spent on sinks. We are building a house and it's taking everything we can muster just to pay for the necessities. It's not fun to spending money on cement and dirt, but without them - no house.

I greatly appreciate and admire your art and work ethic. If I run into anyone who is looking for a great sink, I will point them in your direction."

Melanie C


"Wow - You have just what I've been looking for - your black & red vessel sink is just beautiful. I had a visions of a coppery black raku vessel and tried to convince Wesleyan Potters to make it for me - and then I saw your site!!! You've been doing this for years - so my sink wouldn't be an experiment.

Do you have sample bits available for color coordination? Do you have a studio showroom? What other cool stuff is available?"



"Now that's service - Thanks a million you are making this job so much easier."



"I wanted to let you know that the two bowls arrived in fine shape last Thursday. They are works of art!!! We've been having fun matching up tile samples for a counter top, and we've finally decided on the black/celadon bowl.

My only regret is that we are only remodelling one bath and only need one of your sinks. We'll certainly be back for our next project. And, we'll tell all our friends about Water Stone.

By the way, even the tile salesperson was envious of our bowl and asked about its origin. "

T. B.


"It has been a while since we received our lovely blue sink. I had long ago intended to send you a picture of your sink so that you could see where it ended up. Just today I am playing catch up at my desk so attached are some bathroom shots.

This is the 3rd bathroom in the house that is not often used but it is one of my favorites.

You sink is admired by many --- thank you."



"My computer has been out getting a lobotomy - but I just wanted to tell you the vessel sink is gorgeous. When we get it all done, I'll send you a photo of "after"

I do have a particular passion for clay art which has always seemed to be a magnificent blending of art and science / form & function. Taking a rather humble material and making a "knock your socks off" piece. It seems your work incorporates all of natures elements - water / fire / air / earth bringing balance to the environment where it is used.

Thanks for sharing your talent."



"Thank you for the vessel. It is beautiful! I will definitely pass your name along to others."



"I am currently building a new home and have been in search of vessel sinks for my master bath.  I found your website after searching on yahoo.  I am greatly impressed by the artistry I see online -- your pieces are beautiful!"



"Got the sink on Tuesday - it really looks great!! Thanks so much for all your help."

Kathy M

"The vessel is absolutely beautiful and perfect!!  My contractor is writing down your website to recommend you to his other customers."



"We received the vessel today and she is a beauty!!! I anxious to get that bathroom ready so we can install the sink. Thank you."



"Thank you for the vessel, beautiful...it is more than we expected. Thank you so much."

Amanda R


"Thank you for being a man of integrity. I'll take the 20% discount and my almost new vessel with its own unique character flaw - sounds almost like the rest of us! :-)"



"Yours is the kindest message that I have ever received from a virtual stranger. Thank you for modeling what it means to be good, kind, and thoughtful. I can't tell you how far your message went in reminding me of the appearance of goodness in the most unexpected of places.

In addition to this basin, I may be needing others for two antique undermount sinks that are cracked and need replacing.

Thank you for being so thoughtful and considerate. It's been a pleasure doing business with you."



"I received the sink, it's beautiful, as expected. Plus,even the packaging was elegant!"

Debbie M


"It was fun visiting your studio a few weeks ago. I’ve attached two photos of your sink - the one that that eventually prompted us to rebuild our house from the ground up! Thanks & warm regards."

Henry & Juli

"You just made my year!  I've been searching everywhere for a Celadon vessel sink.  I'm doing our small guest bathroom in an Asian inspired theme. Yes, as my husband would say, I have been watching too much HGT." Thank you SO much!!"


"You are amazing! Thanks for the wealth of information! I really appreciate your prompt response—the Super Bowl must have gotten dull—this IS Sunday."

Lynn E


"Thank you for giving your fine sinks such a nice presentation through your web site. My husband and I are currently working on designs for our new home and admire your hand crafted work. I hope that we can incorporate at least one sink if not all into our Seattle home."

Susan M


"Your sinks are spectacular!!! Thanks so much for your help."

Leslie G


"I just wanted to let you know that we received our sink yesterday.  It's beautiful, and we're looking forward to installing it.  I really appreciate your working with us on the change.  It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I will recommend Water-Stone to others.  I'll will send pictures of our finished installation."
Steve A


"Your Tan Vessel arrived today and it is beautiful!!!!!!!  Thank you very much!"

Kim G


"The sink is great! It was much more than we expected. We really appreciate your work and we will proudly recomend you to everyone."

Alan S


"I hope you remember me. I purchased these vessel sinks over a year ago from you.  They are asolutely beautiful installed and we receive so many compliments on them.  I just wanted to send you some pictures as I said I would."

Jason G

"About three months ago I purchased a vessel from Waterstone.  I built a lavatory to hold the vessel and we finished the bathroom around it.  I have pictures for you to include on your web site if you are interested.  Attached is one picture.  I have others if you would like me to send them.
We have gotten nothing but compliments on the vessel and the lavatory. Thanks for making such a quality product."
Joe T — Golden, Colorado


"Just a note to say the sink arrived on Tues. (10/21) in superior form! I absolutely love it and it will look so nice when we are done. My plumber called today and is still looking for the bar drain for it. I don't think that should be that hard to locate. Thanks again for shipping it out so promptly."

Dana Davis


"I read your bio and looked over your sinks. WOW! We are building this coming spring and I have always wanted a Stoneware sink. Your sinks are beautiful!

Your prices are not going to cost me an "arm and a leg" and I really like knowing someone with a name and a face made it.

To think it was made by hand.....and so useful and beautiful. One of these days I will take a class or two and maybe make something beautiful too. I have all these ideas of what I would like to do to the clay.....to create something with my hands."

Susan C


"I can't tell you how excited I am to receive my sink. It is not only functional, but a beautiful piece of art whose simplicity and style will add so much to my home. Could you please send me the UPS tracking number when it is shipped so I can track it on line and be available when it is delivered? Thank you so much for your assistance."

Carolyn L


"We purchased 3 of your sinks because of the beautiful workmanship and extensive range of glaze colors — and they are locally made to boot."

Marilyn & David E — Winter Harbor, Maine


"We compared your quality and price to a Bronze specialty store Vessel we were considering and after finding your shop with a web search — we decided that your locally made and beautifully hand formed product was just exactly what we wanted."

Mark L — Gouldsboro, Maine


"We found your sinks with a Google search and quite honestly your site photos captured our attention and were exactly what we were looking for and similar to several antique bowls we have purchased. Your hand formed artisan style was an added bonus. When we unpacked our sinks — Wow! — all I can say is that we have never been so excited about a sink before. Your products demonstrate beauty, qualityand craftsmanship and are also made in the USA! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!"

Tom & Sharon Chmura — Westfield Center, Ohio


"Enclosed is our payment for the sink and tile that I am sure we will be enjoying for many many years. We have another of your sinks in our NY home and it is still as beautiful as new after 16 years of use!!"

Elizabeth (Tebbie) Collins & John Weeks — Sorrento, Maine & New York state


"We were fortunate to find your sink by Googling "small size and quality craftsmanship". We absolutely love the sink and your service was spectacular. Your sink adds a touch of real class to our very small occasional bath."

Judy C — Chicago, Illinois


"It did take a while to get our sink pair installed but they are "absolutely breathtaking". Our new bath is the most beautiful room in the house."

Carol & Angelo A — Stillman, New Jersey


"We Google search—12 inch handthrown sinks—and found that your web site was the only one offering small 13 inch Vessels. We are very pleased with our beautiful sink which is exactly what we were looking for."

Joyce Schrock — Fairfield, Montana


"Though it has been a long process — our sinks look incredible!!! I searched for many weeks — on and off-line and your sinks were the nicest I found. Structurally strong with good solid rims and overflows and a beautiful selection of glazes. I am a potter myself and ours is an Arts & Crafts Home with hand crafted interior woodwork and your sink fits right in.It was a pleasure to work with you and I appreciated your keeping in touch and being honest about your estimated delivery time. Your "hand" in handcraft is well worth waiting for.

"You are so great to do business with — I will be sure to send photos of our beautiful installation".

Kathy Slocum — Knoxville, Tennessee


"Your sinks are so beautiful and I really like there being locally hand made. We have being using one for years and have been looking forward to an opportunity to purchase and install a second one."

Eileen S — Loudon, NH


"We really appreciate our beautiful sink and the the fact that is was made in the USA. Our response to your personal service and friendly attitude was very positive. It would be wonderful to see a video clip of you making a sink."

Al & Gloria Sacoman — Camp Hill, PA


"I was so pleased with your responsiveness and prompt shipment of glaze samples. The sink arrived so promptly and well packed and look absolutely beautiful on our granite counter."

Sharon T — Kitty Hawk, NC


"Your beautiful sink is a perfect addition to our circa 1750 home and your excellent service was much appreciated."

Margaret Ingersoll — Moorestown, NJ & Cambridge, MD


"Your beautifully matched pair of sinks create a dramatic focus for our natural bamboo themed bath—just what we wanted."

Lela Voelker — Felton, CA


"I love my beautiful sink — it is just what I wanted."

Diane Kerl


"Wow—it looks so great in our newly remodeled bath—and made especially for us. We are very pleased with your high quality product and impressed with your exquisite care in packaging."

Sheryl & Brett Grossman — Rancho Cucamonga, CA


"We are so pleased and happy with our sink—which we show off on our house tours!"

Ellie Chase — Portland, ME


"I love the sink—my bathroom looks awesome."

Carlynn Alt — Whitefish Bay, WI


"The pictures on your web site do not do justice to your sinks which are in reality so much more beautiful. Our ordering was easy, your response and shipment timely. Everything is great!"

Rebecca Cybularz — Designer / Olde York Homes — York, PA


"We are very pleased with our beautifully matched pair of sinks."

Jennifer Holstein — Los Angeles, CA


"We were looking for a Vessel and when we saw your work we were delighted to have a local craftsman make our sink. We are very happy with our purchase and our beautiful bathroom."

Gene & Pam Worcester — Gouldsboro, ME


"Your small sized sink and overall style was just what we were looking for. Your product was the only one properly sized for our limited space."

Terry & Kathy Dunn — Rockville, CT


"We could not be more pleased and happy with every aspect of your product style and uniqueness and your extraordinary service."

Martha & William Smalley— Hamden, CT


"We just received our beautiful sink—thanks for your wonderful work."

Sal Selvaggio — Washington DC


"We love our Maine made sink. It is perfect for what we wanted and needed and looks great with our concrete countertop."

Laura Meredith — Lima, OH


"Your sinks looks wonderful and the color is jus perfect."

Darcy — Alexandria, VA


"Thank you for your prompt and curteous service and for your great product. My wife and I are very happy with our sinks."

Barry Marson — Franklin Lakes, NJ


"I fell in love with your sinks and completely changed my plans to match your beautiful pair of sinks."

Julie Fall — Gillette, WY


"I loved your photos on the internet and the ease of choosing different sizes. As soon as I opened the box, I was certain I had made the perfect choice. The quality is outstanding and your customer service is absolutely wonderful. What a great company to work with."

Jennifer Lawrence — Gettysburg, PA


"Our sink is gorgeous and I very much appreciated our very helpful back and forth conversation before ordering our one of a kind sink."

Gail Fleischaker — Somerville, MA


"Thanks so much for the very helpful glaze samples which helped us to select our wonderful blue sink."

P.D. — Little Rock, AK


"Searching for a sink with a somewhat rustic and unique appearance—your product was exactlyy what I wanted. I am absolutely in awe of how stunning my sink looks. The photos in your brochure and even the excellent color samples pale in comparison to the actual product. I love the simplicity of design and the richness of the coloration. I would literally not change a thing. Thank you for making such a fine product."

Eleanor Brown — Seneca, PA


"We are extremely pleased our beautiful, well crafted, one of a kind Vessel sink."

Souhad Rafey — NY, NY


"We are pleased with all aspects of our beautiful sink."

Michael Merges — Sykesville, MD


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