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Small Porcelain Bowl

Green Celadon - Porcelain Bowl - 4 inch Diameter.

Porcelain Jewel - Though my engineering mind  and my practical approach to functional design pretends to be dominate  - this small bowl has an intuitive source.

Forty years of clay work have slowly brought me to a very simple conclusion - scale and beauty are often mysteriously entwined.

Small is beautiful - Perhaps the dust has finally clouded my brain and dulled my wits. If so, I welcome the change. After so many years of making and striving I find I am pleased most with these small spontaneously formed pieces.

Anyone who has spent long hours at a potter wheel with clay spinning through their fingers will understand the unusual quality of this non-conceptual activity. Though it seems that nothing comes from nothing - results can be made to flow from places that are not understood.

I imagine many objecting to this as an impossibility - and it would appear to be so. However - I know from experience that it does work this way - we can be simultaneously connected and disconnected. This bowl is a living breathing example of this peculiar paradox.

Please do not understand me to be saying that this small bowl is special or precious or unusual in any way. The value of this piece comes from a lack of any of these qualities. There is nothing either perfect or imperfect about it.

There is only one and there will never be another quite like it. If you have something important that you keep – this would be a respectful container to keep it in. If you have nothing to keep (which is unlikely) you may enjoy like me – keeping it warm in your pocket until you find just the right person to ask to carry it warm in their pocket.

It would be interesting to give this to someone who would give this to someone who would give this to someone until one day it was dropped and the chain broken -

If you were in front of me and I understood that you valued this bowl – I might give it to you. Actually – I might give it to you whether you valued it or not. But you are not here and no one but me and now you even knows about this tiny bowl.

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