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Sixteen page color Catalog - full page sink photos, dimensioned sink drawings and complete product style descriptions and prices.

15 min @ 50bps

Sink Specs - 1 min

Sink Prices & Specs

2 min @ 50 bps

The above PDF documents are formatted for printing as well as computer screen viewing.


Bath Sink Packing & Shipping - All Prices Include Shipping

  Sink Packing - As detailed at left – we take considerable care to be sure our sinks are securely packed to withstand the hazards of transporting them safely to your door.

Each sink is individually double boxed in two separate 350 pound double-walled corrugated cartons. Our sink shipping boxes are made of the strongest available carton material - each carton is individual strong enough to stand on.

Each carton is separately sealed with heavy duty fiber reinforced tape with the inner box centered in the outer container via high density foam corner standoff blocks. Our double boxed containers can be dropped from trucks with no damage to the inner contents and are typically delivered in pristine condition.

We use this same combination of packing materials to ship domestically as well as worldwide. We have absolute confidence in the security of our packing system which is fully insured including cost of shipping and packing materials.

Our packing system is quite expensive but is included in our sink sale price at no additional cost to our customers. Our packing is additionally strong enough to allow safe and convenient repacking & return shipment should that ever be necessary.

Sink Positioned For Double Boxed Packing
Inner Box Closed - Foam Corners In Place

Sinks are shipped with the following items.

1. Complete invoicing and credit card receipts

2. Drain mounting instructions.

3. Universal 1.25 inch bath drain adapter.

4. Warrantee & Registration forms.

5. Our personal satisfaction guarantee.

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