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Numero Uno – Web Design Resource

Just The Facts – No Hyperbole
Jim Fish is an extraordinary wire headed web rat - who has one of the worst web sites I have ever seen.

He is an exceptionally talented web site developer and search engine optimizer who spends an enormous amount of time updating his knowledge of the constantly evolving web market.

The boy scouts have a code which sums him up pretty well – trustworthy, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and most likely reverent. I know all that would greatly amuse Jim but it gets to the point of the man.

To simply say he is as honest "as the day is long" would round it all up. If he does not know how to do something - that is exactly what you will hear. If he seez he can figure it out - it is as good as done. He is entirely self effacing and will spew reams - ad nauseam - about what he cannot do or what he doesn't understand but when it comes to web development - across the board - he is (in my compromised opinion) as good as it gets.

I personally developed my first web site and I am entirely responsible for any positive or negative qualities of my current site. Though Jim Fish didn't touch even the smallest bit of site code - his presence and informed advice permeate every page. In other words, Jim is directly or indirectly responsible for all of the positive qualities of this current site.

I have followed his excruciatingly detailed instructions for layout, design, content organization, navigation and search engine optimization. Every instance where this site falters - is an example of my inability to follow Jim's instructions.

I hold all of my endless email advice from Jim in a gold lined lead cased safety deposit box. Without his help I would be up a creek without a stitch or paddle – dangling from a rotten live oak limb.
Rancho Mondo – Web Design

Jim Fish - at Rancho Mondo Design - provides comprehensive web site design, construction, maintenance, and search engine optimization services. Based near Austin, Texas, Jim specialize in portfolio presentations of craftsmen, artisans, and artists. Jim can handle all of your Internet presence needs and offer a one-stop solution — from one-page HTML announcements to full-featured commercial sites with hundreds of products and pages. If you already have a web site but it is performing poorly, you may be a candidate for a web site remodel or for search engine optimization (SEO).

- click for Jim's Web Development Site

Below - I quote Jim from his site copy.

" I've found that most everything I know, of any use, has been self-taught. I have the necessary training in art (studio, history, graphics, design, etc.), and I've been messing with computers since my 1981 Sinclair ZX80. The Rancho Mondo site has been online for about seven years now.The best way to get a feeling for my web design work is to review some sites I've done. After finishing this web design section, review the rest of the Rancho Mondo site. Then check out Gary Weeks & Company and/or AArC's site and/or Cedar Furniture Outlet's site and/or Louis Fry's Craftsman in Wood site. Each of these sites have similar general needs, but very different specific requirements — and so have varying features. Feel free to e-mail them and ask about me and my work and my dealings with them."
Do not make the mistake of judging Jim Fish's work by surface appearance.

A great deal of what is vitally important goes on beneath the surface appearance of each page (which is frequently driven by client peculiarities and misconceptions).

Coherent site content and carefully informed application of standard meta code is critical to the success of any site. Things that bump and twirl are of absolutely no use if your targeted audience never sees your site. Jim's knowledge of search engine positioning is as dynamic as this vital and essential subject.

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