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Water Stone – Resource Directory

Web Resources -
To provide helpful information for our site visitors and to extend and honor our small part of the world wide web – I offer this list of related web sites. I provide these related links as a service to our visitors and clientele.

My list of links represent site resources that I use and admire. I encourage you to visit and study their web sites.

The wealth and depth of material available via the world wide web is nothing less than astonishing.
Hand Craft Artisans – Recommended Links

I offer a very short but enthusiastically recommended list of hand craft artisans whose work and attitude I personally admire. I recommend a number of woodworkers because I have extensive knowledge of and experience with this material. Many of my hand craft links are suggested for the quality of their products as well as the exceptional quality of their web site marketing. A few could be better represented by their web sites but the quality of their work vastly overshadows the difficulties of web presentation.

- click for details
Ceramic Equipment - Materials - Consultants

As a professional clay worker - I am much indebted to a small number of ceramic support resources that are critical to my success. My list of recommended ceramic resources is based on my most recent personal experience and should not be considered comprehensive due to my somewhat remote Maine coastal location.

- see details
Craft Education – Apprentice Programs

There are currently many opportunities to study and practice traditional craft skills. My list is short only because I have been directly involved with only a very few of the available resources. Even though my experience is quite limited - I can unequivocally recommend that you acquaint yourself with the very beneficial resources on my list.

- click for details
Bathroom Sinks & Bath Design Resources

Bath fixtures & bath design recommendations of very high quality are readily sourced through a variety of web sites. I offer a limited but high quality list that has been consistently helpful to me. My recommendations reflect attitudes toward bath fixtures, products and design that appeal to my sensibilities and preferences. I hope this listing will prove useful and informative.

- click for details
Web Development – Site Design & Marketing

My web resource list - though laughingly short - is informed and tempered by a range of personal successes and failures relating to my own commercial web development work and my personal business site development. One literally needs to try it to see what will work and then one needs to throw it all out and start over when everything changes. This process inevitably leads to disappointment as well as discovery. The common adage "let the buyer beware" should be applied a million fold when one enters the web market place. Anyone with interest in this subject would do well to pay very close attention to my single recommendation.

- click for details
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