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Artisan Quality – Satisfaction Guarantee

Artisanal Quality
For thirty five years Maine Kiln Works has been producing the very highest quality bath sinks and basins. Three decades of continuous production clearly demonstrates an uncompromising commitment to high quality hand work that is consistently and thoroughly appreciated by our enthusiastic patrons.

Our sinks and basins are formed from custom blended stoneware and porcelain clay bodies which are based on sturdy Appalachian fire clays and Florida kaolins. All of our raw materials are carefully graded and chosen to precisely control the fired tensile and compression strength of our product line.

Every piece is fired to bisque temperature, carefully glazed and then refired in a reduction atmosphere – to full vitrification at Cone 10 – 2400° Fahrenheit. The strength and durability of every unit is comparable in every way to the vitreous china and whiteware used throughout the sanitary ware industry.

  Satisfaction Guarantee
All of our sinks are backed with a full satisfaction guarantee. The below story will illustrate what this means at Water Stone.

In thirty years of continuous production we have only had one sink returned for exchange due to a raw material flaw beyond our control. This sink suffered a small rim chip due to careless installation methods employeed by the plumbing contractor. Even though the contractor admitted he was at fault - we promptly replaced the sink because that is what our client asked us to do. In the final analysis - we are going to do whatever is necessary to maintain the trust and respect of our patrons.

Our full satisfaction gurantee is a life time commitment to the original purchaser. We expect you to be fully pleased and satisfied with the quality and function of our product - no fine print.

Want to hear about my sink?
My sink has not only survived my daughter jumping up and down in it but has been in continuous service for 30 odd years and looks like brand new. After all this time I am a bit tired of looking at the same glaze color every day but this unchanging sink continues to function with practical style and beauty exactly like the day I installed it.

I hate to say it - but I sometimes wish that our sink would break or chip or just get dirty enough to justify replacing it. Maybe I should de-install it and put it on showroom display with a big sign detailing its years of pristine service. Or maybe I could find a museum that would like to add the oldest surviving Maine Kiln Works sink to its permanent collection.

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