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Water Stone – Glaze Samples

Glaze Samples

Glaze Color - samples are shown grouped together in the photo at left with individual glaze sample photos displayed below.

The group of illustrated glazes are the sink colors most frequently ordered – but we have many other glazes that are available and described in our  OnLine Catalog. You may Order Samples Here.

Click the text below individual glaze samples, or the photo of the glaze sample to see sink details for that particular glaze color.

Our palm sized glaze sample dishes are approximately 3.5 inch diameter by 1 inch deep with spiraled central pattern to promote the tonal range development of each glaze.

Glazes which are more fluid and transparent display a wider tonal range and glazes which are more matte and opaque display a more limited and muted tonal range. Carefully examining the range of examples will illustrated this point.

Stoneware & Porcelain - All of the glazes show are Stoneware based examples – with the exception of the last Satin Black glaze which is shown on Porcelain. Stoneware glaze results are characterized by warm tones and random iron speckling with Porcelain glazes displaying a cooler range of tones and silky smooth fleck free surface.

Order Glaze Samples - We encourage you to order these individual glaze sample dishes if you are uncertain as to which sink glaze will best meet your needs. Samples may be ordered at $8.50 each (refundable if returned) via our Online Store. A single shipping charge of $6.50 covers any number of samples.

An Assortment of Sink Glaze Samples - Apple For Scale
Cobalt Glaze Sample Tan Glaze Sample
Cobalt - Click For Sink Tan - Click For Sink
White Glaze Sample Turquoise Glaze Sample
White - Click For Sink Turquoise - Click For Sink
Red Glaze Sample Celadon Glaze Sample
Red - Click For Sink Celadon - Click For Sink
Blue Glaze Sample
Blue - Click For Sink Amber - Click For Sink
Black - Click For Sink Satin Black - Click For Sink

My daughter Joanna and my wife Elizabeth - very proudly make virtually all of our glaze sample dishes. Frequently - these small dishes are very beautiful. The small scale seems to intensify the effect of many glazes. The longer I work clay the more pleased I am with the simplest pieces.

I encourage you to order some of these small samples – you may enjoy them just as they are or if not you may return them at any time for a full & prompt refund. I enjoy getting them back – knowing that someone has found them useful and no longer needs them.

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