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Bath Drain Fixture


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Sink Drain — Installation Information

  Drain Details
All of our sinks accept standard 1.25 inch outside diameter bath drain fixtures - which are designed to be mounted in an oversized 1.375 inch inside diameter sink drain opening. With respect to the drain fixture required our sinks are identical to commercially produced bath sinks.

Standard inch & one quarter (1.25 inch) bath drains are most commonly available to accommodate sinks with over flows. We make sinks both with and without overflows and all of our sinks without overflows will accept drain fixtures designed for sinks with overflows.

Standard 1.25 inch bath sink drain fixtures are available from any plumbing or home hardware supplier. Home Depot and Faucet.com are two companies that stock and can promptly supply this common drain fixture type. Drain fixtures are available with various pop-up plug arrangements - all of which will function normally when installed on our sinks.

Sink Drains are installed with supplied rubber gaskets and plumber putty to insure a water tight joint between the sink and the drain fixture.

Sink Cross Section
Sink Cross Section - Showing Installed Drain & Adapter
Sink Drain Detail
Close Up Detail - Sink Drain With Adapter
Sink Drain Adapter
Standard 1.25 inch Bath Drain Fixture - Shown With Adapter Off
Sink Drain
Bath Drain Fixture - Shown With Adapter Blocking Over Flow Outlets
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