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Water Stone – Apprentice Program

Our Apprentice's live and work in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

This pristine Maine coast region is a source of unequaled beauty. We are located only a short drive from large sections of Acadia National Park – a gem at any season of the year.

Our home and shop are sandwiched between a large fresh water lake and a constantly changing salt water cove. The connecting brook provides an ever present background sound as it defines and borders our property.

We are working to complete a very pleasant apartment in our new addition - with windows opening to the brook – which will become private quarters for our exchange work-training program.

I am genuinely looking forward to sharing both my interesting work and my thirty yeas of clay working experience.

If you know someone who would be interested in being a resident apprentice – please contact me or click the Gorilla.

Apprentice Plan – Nancy at left worked a full year at our shop. We both learned a great deal about what did work and what did not. All in all - it was a noble effort that was mutually beneficial and began my thinking about a pottery Apprentice Program.
How About You? - Do you have enthusiasm for and a talent with clay? Or, if not you, do you know someone who would be a good fit as an apprentice at Maine Kiln Works and Waterstone Sink? Finding just the right combination will be challenging, but no doubt many possibilities exist if we beat the right bushes and spread the word. ~Dan Weaver @ left.
Proposal – We will provide room and board in a comfortable private apartment within our facility in exchange for 40 hours on-the-job training per week in our shop.

Participants will learn by direct engagement with all of our production processes including - clay & glaze formulation & mixing, all clay forming techniques and participation in our complete glazing and firing cycle as well as full participation in our summer sales shop.

Studio facilities will be available for individual after working hours clay work.

My list of skills – I list below a brief overview. Anyone familiar with my work will confirm my lack of exaggeration. To put it simply – I have a great deal to offer any potential apprentice.

1. I am a skilled clay worker producing a full range of functional forms in a wide range of scales and materials using both traditional and hybrid clay forming processes and equipment.

2. I am a skilled kiln designer and builder who was employed and trusted to design and layout the range of kilns at Alfred University upon my graduation from Alfred, nearly 40 years ago.. I have built a great variety of kiln sizes and styles including car kilns, heat treat furnaces as well as highly efficient wood fired kilns.

3. I am a highly skilled furniture and cabinet maker as well as a skilled general carpenter, plumber, electrician and mason.

4. I am a skilled builder of traditional dog sleds.

5. I am a skilled traditional small boat builder.

6. I am a skilled traditional wood carver who makes and heat treats his own edge tooling.

7. I am a skilled auto mechanic and re-builder of vintage Land Rovers who has rebuilt and custom installed engines conversions.

8. I am a skilled welder and metal worker with a commercial duty water cooled tig welder and a full range of metal working tools and equipment.

9. I have designed and built much of our shop equipment – including wood shop stroke standers, belt grinders, dust collection equipment and wood working lathes as well as clay mixers and pug mills, spray booths, bead blasting machines, potter wheels and all manner of custom templates and clay shop tooling.


10. I have designing, developing plans and built two large self feeding stainless steel pug mills.

11. I am a skilled architect of high temperature clay bodies with a sound technical understanding of clay and glaze development and application.

12. With the essential assistance of my wife Liz and daughter Joanna, I have thirty nine years experience running a summer retail craft sales shop.

13. I am conversant in digital image editing, web development, page layout, CAD, and all associated hardware. My most recent top hat kiln was designed completely in the professional CAD environment Xenon before a single piece was fabricated.

14. I produce and print all of our hard copy marketing material from business cards to full double side tabloid cataloging.

15. I am a skilled photographer with extensive experience in both film and digital imaging.

16. I am a skilled web designer and developer who is entirely responsible for the production and development of our web site and all of its associated imaging and copy material.


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